Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinosaurs and Passover

It was Passover today. For us this meant a field trip to the ROM with friends. What this has to do with Passover, I'm not sure yet but we sure did have a great time. It started off with a random act of kindness by a well dressed man who handed us three free tickets while we waited for the museum to open. Inside the kids went through the new bat cave four times! Then they all bravely held a Madagascar hissing cockroach in the palm of their hands handed to them by a very shaky volunteer. We dug for bones, saw lots of dinosaurs, tried on some armour and ate grilled cheese sandwiches in the cafe. We can't wait to go back.
We ended the day with a wonderfully spirited Passover Seder at Bubby and Zayde's house. There was a lot of delicious food of course but the best part was the company. I love my family.
Happy Passover everyone!

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  1. and I love your family too. Ezzy might be the coolest ever.


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