Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eat your heart out Apartment Therapy!

I thought I would share with you some pictures I took of the boy's bedrooms. They are the happiest rooms in the house and I'm really pleased at how they turned out. There are lots of treasured hand-me-downs, Thrift store finds and of course Ikea in each room to create a bit of a balagan as my mother would say. Let's take a tour shall we....

This is Ezra's room, the largest bedroom in the house. It also doubles as a playroom with all his treasures on the bookshelf or the dresser. The license plate is from one of my dad's first cars in Europe and the drawing above it was bought in Cuba.  The wooden chair is from Goodwill.  It is a very practical corner.

This bookshelf was kindly given to us by a good friend. It is my favourite piece in Ezra's room and the first one you see when entering his room.

The whale picture was gifted to us by Evan's mom. It is so peaceful to look at and it matches the whale mobile beside it. Hopefully it gives Ezra calm and happy dreams. The animal banner was found at a thrift store and is actually a growth chart.

The teak dresser was my grandmothers and still smells of her creams and perfumes. The wooden box on top was found at an antique store. It was an old chest that I turned around to use for Ezra's smaller collections.

This bed is the lower part of a bunk bed that Ezra and Asher's grandfather slept in when he was a boy. It actually comes with a whole bedroom set that is scattered throughout the house. The banner above it was made by me a couple of months ago with paper and string. I'll replace it one day with a fabric bunting. The little quilt that is hanging on the bed frame was one of my sister's first and only attempts at quilting. I love it because it is sewn with many of my mom's fabrics that she has collected since the seventies.

This is Asher's room, the smallest and coziest room in the house.
The green arm chair was my great grandfather's chair that was passed down to my dad and then to me. My father sat in it almost every evening reading books or dozing off to music. A few years ago I reupholstered it in this soft green fabric and we use it everyday. I nursed both boys in this chair and read to them on it every night before bed.
If you look closely you can see Asher snuggling underneath a quilt that my good friend Cathy made for Ezra when he was born. Sigh.
Oh hi Ashy! Despite his one eye, Asher loves that monkey. It was made by my grandparents when they lived in Israel. They made stuffed animals to support their their children after escaping Romania during the war. My grandparents were pretty amazing people.
The giraffe was yet another awesome thrift store score. It is batik and has been stretched out on a frame.

The rest of the house is a work in progress. I think after we install new floors I will feel a lot better about it. Right now that's all I can see when I walk in. Ugly floors. Oh, and playmobil in every corner of the living room.

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