Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I like rats. They are smart, friendly, affectionate, clean and social creatures that make excellent first pets. My friend Andy who works for the Toronto humane society has forty lovely, sweet, and playful rats that he needs to adopt out by April 12th. The Humane Society is being shut down for six weeks and most of the rats will be euthanized if he does not find homes for them. They do very well in pairs and he has both female and male rats of different sizes to choose from. I would love to adopt a couple of these cuties but I know that it's not the right time for a pet in our family. Not so long ago Asher picked up a kitten by the tail and threw it across a patio. The kitten was fine but I'm thinking we should wait a couple of years before we consider adopting. I know some of you are squeamish at the thought of rats but all you have to do is hold one to see how soft and sweet they really are. If you need anymore information email me and I will connect you to Andy.

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