Monday, July 5, 2010

Tel Aviv

You have to be nuts to take seven children along with you on a day trip. Luckily my twin sister and I, are nuts. We become so spontaneous and energetic when we're together because we don't know when our next visit will be. All it takes is; lots of iced coffee, any form of sugar, snacks for the kids and off we go. Today we visited Tel Aviv and Old Jaffo. It was so much fun and everywhere I turned there was something interesting to see or buy. We make quite a scene walking down the street with all the kids in tow but in colourful and crazy Tel Aviv, we fit in quite nicely. Especially at Shuk Hapishpishim (the flea market) in Old Jaffo. So many wonderful treasures and trinkets! That's the other thing about getting together with my sister, we can shop all day!


  1. So amazing! I am a little bit jealous. You should blow that group shot up really big and hang it over your dining room table, so great.
    What did you get me?

  2. a little something something.


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