Monday, September 13, 2010

Music monday

Almost every Sunday evening as the weekend is winding down I tune into the radio program Deep Roots on CBC radio 2. If there is any kind of music that makes me the happiest, it would be bluegrass and folk and that's what I get to hear on the show. There are musicians that I am familiar with like Tony Rice and Bela Fleck and then there are new-to-me treasures that I get really excited about, like this guy, Chad Vangaalen.  I really dig his sweet, sad voice and after hearing this song I kinda want to give him a hug and make him some tea.  Have a listen.

1 comment:

  1. We always seem to notice the same songs at the same time! At nap time yesterday, Ivy asked "Do you know Ezra?" "Yes" I said. "Where is he?" "Toronto"
    "Oh, go see him?" "soon" I said. She loves him so, and I cant blame her.


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