Monday, October 4, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Hello blog, long time no see.  It's been a super busy September with many transitions happening in our lives but things are starting to slow down now that the colder weather is literary knocking at our window.  I had so many opportunities to take pictures on our many adventures in the last few weeks but of course I forgot my camera each and every time.  So instead today I will talk about Turkey.  I am attempting my first ever Thanksgiving feast this Sunday and I am so excited.  Growing up Jewish we didn't do Thanksgiving because of all the holidays on or around it.  This year I have no excuse because the holidays were early.  My local butcher Gasparros is bringing in some free range organically grown Turkeys and I  couldn't resist ordering one.  My mind has been buzzing with recipes for stuffing, cranberries and pies ever since.  This is my menu so far:
Maple roasted Turkey with cornbread stuffing or I might brine the turkey like my butcher suggested
Cranberry sauce
garlic mashed potatoes
green beans with hazelnuts
Green Salad
something for my vegetarian husband (to be decided)
pumpkin and apple pie
fresh fruit
and lots of wine
It's pretty straightforward but it's my first so I would like to keep it simple.  If you have any tried and true recipes or suggestions send them my way please.  I need all the help I can get!
Here are some Thanksgiving images to get you in the spirit.  Click on the pictures to go to the website.


  1. I've missed you! Dont brine, it will be a disaster. trust. use a meat thermomemter, take it out 5 degrees below desired temp and let it finish on the counter.... call me. loooove.

  2. I didn't really want to brine anyway. What about the stuffing?


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