Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inglis Falls

On our weekend away at the school house we visited Inglis Falls a spectacular water fall near Owen Sound. My friend Kathy who grew up in the area took us on a hike down a rocky trail that led us to the base of the falls. It felt like we were in an Indiana Jones movie. The kids thought it was the best adventure ever. I was terrified the entire time. Looking back I wish I had summoned up a little more courage and gone on the rocks out on the river with them. I was the only one that stayed back ready to run and get help if anyone fell in. It was out of my comfort zone. I was worried I was projecting my fears on the kids but they were so brave and excited that I don't think they heard me yelling at them to be careful every few seconds. I definitely need to give the kids and my self more opportunities like these.  I'm not talking Mount Everest, just simple hikes with a dash of adventure.

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