Sunday, May 16, 2010

Need advice please.

My sofa....
It's your typical Ikea navy blue sofa and it needs sprucing up.
My living room is mostly a mixture of brown tones, grey, off whites, blue. Muted and natural colours.

Here are the throw pillows I'm looking at....

They are both from Roddy and Ginger a lovely online store from England that has lots of home accessories inspired by Scandinavian design. Right up my alley. The red one comes in a linen colour as well. I only have a budget for two but I can't decide. I like them both so much. What do you guys think?


  1. i think i like the 2nd one because they will blend in and be a bit more matchy. i do like the first ones but think it might be too much of a "kick" for you =)

  2. I am inspired by ezras outfit in this. Solid gray and orange throw pillows could be great...and cheaper than these from England. I'm having pillows made from my mothers wedding dress. Do you have Ny clothes you are hoRsing for sentimental reasons that could be repurposed for pillows? Green and meAningful.


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