Friday, August 20, 2010


Oh my goodness, I just discovered the store mjölk! I am swooning over their website and blog, Kitka design . They sell beautiful, simple, Scandinavian and Japanese objects. My kind of heaven. This adorable couple has stolen the life I have dreamed of ever since we went to Finland and Sweden for our honeymoon seven years ago. Not to say that my life isn't lovely and wonderful but owning a store full of gorgeous items and renovating a cottage with painted white floors and amazing vintage finds...well I think I might be sick with jealousy. I was born and lived in Finland for three years before we moved to Toronto and my parents went back with us every summer to our small Island near Kemia. I grew up with Aalto, Aarikka, Marimekko, Arabia and Iittala and only as an adult knew how lucky I was to be surrounded by such iconic design. Every once in a while I will ask nicely and my mom will "lend" me an Aalto vase or an Iittala candle stick and it just transforms my entire house. I will walk into the room just to peek at it's loveliness and then walk away only to walk right back again and look at it one more time. I do this with tulips as well. I know I sound a little cuckoo but it really brings me so much pleasure. Although I probably will not be able to afford anything in their store, I want to go just to be around it all. There will be some squealing so you might want to avoid it the day I visit.


  1. oh, you are in so much trouble for this... Why? why? do you make me waste time in front of the computer ( and I a little bit hate them) can you imagine being married to someone who likes this stuff too? Lucky....

  2. I'm bringing you down with me baby! I think if they have kids one day we will all laugh at their white floors. In an evil witch's cackle:) But seriously, they are both really cute and sweet looking.


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