Monday, September 6, 2010


I put our warm, down duvets back on the beds today.  It feels a little early but for the last few nights Asher has been running into our bed with cold feet and hands and making himself comfortable right in between us.  You can always hear him coming because he makes it a point to close his door very dramatically each and every time.  I'm not sure why he does this but I think it's hilarious.  He's always been quirky that way. 
Today we went on another hike through our neighbourhood ravine.  It was raining again which somehow makes it more exciting and adventurous for the kids.  I like it because the trees keep us dry and the light is really good for picture taking.  I will miss these lazy days of sleeping in, eating breakfast in the middle of the morning and not changing out of our pj's until we feel like it.  I'll actually miss being with the boys all day long (I can't believe I just said that).  I'm nervous for school tomorrow and the start of my work but a good kind of nervous.  Wish us luck.


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