Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just looking.

With school and work starting in just a few days and cooler temperatures in the forecast I have the biggest urge to go shopping.  Jewellery, bags, art, doesn't matter, I want it all.  These can be dangerous times for me so I have a strategy.  Usually I make a list and break it down between wants and needs.  Then I edit and edit some more until I am left with what is absolutely needed right now.  This usually leaves me with stuff for the kids and something totally uninteresting like a switch plate for the basement.  No fun at all.  Sometimes just looking at the picture of the object I'm coveting helps to get it out of my system.  Let's see if it works.
eames fiberglass chair
Steve Madden boot
mixing bowls

Not so much.


  1. those steve madden boots are on my list too!

  2. umm, i LOVE those bowls. and the etsy bag seller.

    now i've started a list!!


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