Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mapleton's revisited

This weekend we packed our overnight bags and headed a few hours west of the city to visit our good friends in Drayton, Ontario.  The boys helped feed the horses at Mapletons and we managed to get everyone out for a hike despite the cold weather.  Big E took most of these pictures.  I don't know why but I never tire of farm animal pictures.  We have a lot of them and most of them are from the same farm. I just really dig the textures and the light in the barns, the shapes of the animals and the quirky expressions on their faces.  I especially love the adorable baby animals and I just want to eat them all up (insert smiley face here).  Every time I come back from one of these trips I feel ready to move to the country and I immediately start searching for homes on MLS.  Then reality seeps in and I remember it's good to have jobs and family nearby, a good school and a great community.  We will just have to do visits like these more often.  Hope you don't mind Cathy and Martin!  We love you.

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