Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have almost convinced Big E that we need a dog.  I have approached it from the therapeutic angle, the exercise angle and the "kids might learn to be more responsible" angle.  Those didn't really fly but he came around after a while anyway.  The one major hurdle we face is allergies.  There are two members of this family with pretty bad ones to animals.  My search for the perfect hypo-allergenic dog was on and after much research I stumbled upon the Whoodle.  The Whoodle or the village terrier, as some more discerning breeders like to call them, is a Wheaton terrier and Poodle mix.  Two awesome dogs with non-shedding hair.  They are adorable, mid-sized, smart, good-natured dogs and I hope we can find one that is just right for our family.
It has become a  past time around here to make up names for the dog.  So far we have, Firewall, Cosmo, Crack (don't ask), Lucy, Crosby, Sonic, Bossk, Luke, Kessel and Star.  From this list, you can tell that my boys love star wars, hockey and are really strange.  They are also full of love for an animal that is not even part of our lives yet.  This is going to be one lucky dog.  Lucky!  That's a good name.  I'll see what they think.  If you know a Whoodle that needs to be adopted please send me an email or leave a comment.

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