Friday, September 21, 2012


Ivy decided that she wanted to have a surprise party for herself while I was visiting. She planned and executed the entire event. There was fish chowder, cornbread and greens for dinner and a home made cake with lots of candles for dessert. It was perfect.



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    1. She is doing really well considering. The doctors are amazed by her. Meghan will be sending an update through the facebook page soon. She is almost finished her first rounds of chemo and her surgery is scheduled to happen in a few weeks. She really is a strong little girl. Her energy and enthusiasm during my visit just blew me away. When you are in her company you don't feel like you are with someone who is sick. She is just a kid doing kid things, giggling, playing, painting, running, demanding, hugging, loving. She's just a super awesome kid.

  2. love the headband! and meghan's table with white chairs!


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