Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Davida's Farm

In Beit Shemesh's Moshav Yishi there is a farm run by the charming Davida, her husband and five children. Davida ran away from Boston to Israel when she was fifteen and never left. Her farm is a place where children can come and care for her many animals, ride her horses, jump on trampolines and go for wagon rides across a beautiful countryside dotted by olive and pomegranate trees. It was a very hot day when we decided to visit with temperatures soaring close to forty Celsius. Even the camel seemed agitated. The water slides really saved the day and the kids managed to have a great time. We went back a few days later and Davida invited us to watch the horses get their shoes changed. She even gave the boys a horseshoe to take home. Lucky duckys.

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